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 TA PowellT.A. Powell is the CEO of Brownstone Literary Works Publishing, LLC and a successful playwright and novelist.  An avid participant within the field of investigative forensics, Powell finds her writing a natural extension of her passion for science, the paranormal and the law. Fascinated by the lure of unsolved cases, she writes both true crime and historical fiction pieces, finding them a more palatable format when dealing with sensitive information. The author says time and distance from a crime allows her the opportunity to separate fact from collective truth and places them equally under the microscope of objectivity. Her process is to take the DNA of a case; what facts are known and what has been conjectured, apply the theory of Occam's razor to each and then after careful and extensive research...weave a gripping tale of plausibility from the two. The goal of T.A.'s writing is not necessarily to answer all the questions surrounding these unsolved cases; but to be certain the voices of the victims are finally heard. Powell works closely with both active and retired law enforcement, along with psychic/medium detectives to unearth information and provide  proper authorities with potential evidence to bring these cold cases to layman's fruition. Powell works with several researchers from C.C.I.R.I. (Cold Case Investigative Research Institute; a partnership between Auburn University Montgomery, Faulkner University and Bauder College) and continues her studies in Investigative Forensics through UMUC.

T. A. Powell has several other novels to her credit and is currently working on the third in her investigative series. The Thin Gray Line is the second book in this series. Powell's next book, THE DEAD LINE: Confessions of a Dixie Mafia Assassin, will continue the investigative author's foray into the rural justice of Georgia in the 1960's and will be available through Amazon.com in late 2014.

Featured Author

"T.A. Powell came to our attention during the Moores Ford Bridge investigation. As author of the novel, The Danburg Diary (based in part on the actual events of the Moores Ford Bridge lynchings), she has been a valuable resource to the students at the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute.  Through both oral and written presentation of her research, T.A.'s intuitive investigating and due diligence to detail brings case history to life for our students.  She is a wonderful story teller as well as advocate for justice and is listed amongst C.C.I.R.I.'s Experts."

Sheryl McCollum, MS
Cold Case Investigative Research Institute 

(A partnership between Auburn University Montgomery, Faulkner University and Bauder College)